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Reading Short Stories in French by Olly Richards

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The Funniest Joke Book Ever! In stock online Available in stores. Giggles, groans, and belly laughs, packed on every page. How to Fight a Bear Pre-order online Not yet available in stores. From the world leader in fascinating facts and amusing true stories comes a book about how to feed, clothe, and protect yourself in the wilderness…and might even make you want to avoid anything resembling the wilderness forever. For more than 25 years,…. It might even be the funniest book in the history of books, but Uncle John is much too modest to state that outright Result: pure bathroom-reading bliss!

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Celebrate the big with this thrilling 30th edition of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader—and cheers to 30 more! What's even more trusty and awe-inspiring than Old Faithful, the Yellowstone geyser that erupts 17 times a day?

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Uncle John and the Bathroom…. Kobo ebook.

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader History: Useful At Certain Times

Available for download Not available in stores. You'll be on the edge of your seat reading tales of cops, robbers, criminals, and lawyers with this little tome that packs a lot of heat. Do you like to read great stories? This book is loaded with them! We've rounded up the best cops-and-robber articles we've….

Paperback sold out. Out of stock online Not available in stores. Every kid loves animal stories, and every kid loves Uncle John's. This latest instalment of the successful Bathroom Reader for Kids Only series tells about animals who perform amazing feats of bravery, pets who saved their owners' lives and critters who behave…. Nine books in one! Uncle John has pulled together the most revealing lists, facts, and findings from the past 10 years into one easy-to-read book.

Our readers asked for it, and here it is: Uncle John's first collection of his greatest short facts and quick…. Fresh from the package, Uncle John presents his spanking-clean new and improved Briefs! The most trusted name in trivia has done it again!

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For example:. First, Or Last, In Death: A collection of stories about, well, the first and last people to die from things. Like the first person to die from playing video games Berzerk in the arcade , the first person killed by a robot car manufacturing accident , the last person to die from smallpox lab accident in ! Family Feud-Adidas v. Puma: Did you know both shoe companies were started by feuding German brothers who were both reluctant members of the Nazi Party?

Reading one is like killing time on the internet without the internet. And the best part is that every single page has a random factoid printed on the bottom. They are not like an encyclopedia, however.

These books are great to indulge in on or off the toilet, and are perfect for Lifehacker readers that can never get enough information in their brains. Give your eyes a break from the screen during toilet time, and maybe even learn a thing or two.