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As for Clara, we found ourselves unable to connect to her on a deeper level. Clara never forgot the boy who stole her heart with whispered reassurances. There is a passion in her words that challenges the reader and a beauty in her prose grips us in its clutches. There were a couple main threads as the backdrop for the storyline. Clara and Honor were daughters of a mafia Don, who was in the process of turning his reign over. Honor was the oldest and was engaged in an arranged marriage to join families. Honor and Clara were close and protected each other.

Giovanni was the eighteen year old son to a mafia foot soldier. Warren used the storyline to set the stage for the series. It promises to be exciting, action packed, dark and thrilling. I loved it. All in all, it was well written, and well developed for a short novella. I loved the characters as well as the direction of the storyline. May 17, Casey rated it liked it Shelves: tidbits , read-in , hearts-aflutter , is-this-real-life , series-starter , take-a-walk-on-the-dark-side.

Solid introduction to a mafia family based story. If you can suspend reality and handle stories that are clearly waaay exaggerated versions of crime family life then this was actually pretty good for a short. I liked the main characters and would like to learn more about Clara's story. Mar 10, Meredith rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle-freebie , author-skye-warren , z-scribd. I loved this short story! I'm picky when it comes to mafia and billionaire executive characters in contemporary romance. The market is just oversaturated with these types of characters.

If they come across as OTT or inauthentic I'll abandon the book without hesitation. Skye Warren did a great job describing the mafia family from the daughter's POV. The writing came across as authentic and held my attention from start to finish. This story is from Clara's POV, a 16 year old daughter of a mafia boss. We see her struggle with changing dynamics in her family. Her relationships with Giovanni and her sister Honor were interesting, tense, and suspenseful.

There was a lot of depth for such a short story. I really want to read the next book, but I was disappointed to read reviews that pointed out the next book has Honor as the MC instead of Clara. Despite the MC change I'll eventually give it a try. It can be read straight after Tough Love and before the other books in this series, because it is a stand-alone. Seriously, this was so, so good! I didn't think a prequel could get me so hooked and excited but it totally did.

It's a quick and easy read but definitely worth it. This little prequel is out of Clara's POV, a fifteen year old girl and the daughter of a mob boss. Her life obviously sucks and is only bearable when she spends time with Giovanni, the son of a foot soldier who works for her father. He's there for her and wants to protect her from her father and the probably new boss Byron.

But when the time to escape has finally come, she has to leave the one person she really cares about behind It broke my heart. I instantly felt with Clara and hoped that she and Giovanni could escape together and live the life they both want. Well, if it would only be so easy. Everything was so fast-paced and full of action, I couldn't stop reading. Didn't even want to! And the ending I just hate but also love them. I had teary eyes and now I'm sitting here, wanting more! I'm still really excited and would totally recommend this to others! Tough Love , by Skye Warren 3 …it had potential stars So this going to be a weird review, I acknowledge this.

So try and follow me here. We all agreed that it was a good start and were interested to see what would happen to this young couple and whe Tough Love , by Skye Warren 3 …it had potential stars So this going to be a weird review, I acknowledge this. We all agreed that it was a good start and were interested to see what would happen to this young couple and where the story would go in the next book. I will end this on a warning, because my friends and I were bummed when we actually got to the next book and found that it was NOT about this young couple that we were interested in following but mainly about her sister.

With the way this book ends it was totally logical that the next book would go that route but I guess the author felt that she wanted to tell the sisters story, as is her right. Just thought you ladies would like to know that A short but very engaging prequel This is the story of two sisters, Hope and Clara, who were unfortunate enough to be born into a world of crime as the daughters of a mobster.

Hope and Clara are prisoners in this world with very little choice in their future. Hope has been engaged to a man that will soon be moving into her father's place as leader. Her future is very bleak as she is already enduring his da A short but very engaging prequel Her future is very bleak as she is already enduring his daily abuse. Clara is only 15 and she has been kept isolated for most of her life. Her only refuge from this life are the small moments she spends with a young man named Gio. She sneaks away at night to meet him and they develop a strong connection to each other.

There are some very touching and emotional scenes between them at the end when they realize that their only option is to take a chance that will put all of their lives in danger. Will they survive is the question? Now this is a prequel!!!! Clara is born into the Mafia world. Her father's a powerful mob king and a very dangerous person. Her only comfort is her sister, Honour, and her friend Giovanni. Giovanni is working for her father and they meet every night in secret. Clara's innocent age doesn't allow her to have a life and Giovanni is the only one who makes her feel alive.

There is an attraction between them but before they can act on their growing feelings, unexpected circumstances draw them apart. Th Now this is a prequel!!!! The only way to save Clara from her dangerous familia is for Giovanni to let her go. A powerful prequel that made me very eager for Love the Way you Lie!!!

Skye Warren's writing is amazing like always and her characters compelling!!! Cannot wait for the first book. I don't think it matters much if you read this short prequel before or after the first book in the series. I think anyone will be intrigued no matter what. I really liked her in that already so I was pretty intrigued to read the story about her and Giovanni. I have to admit that I wasn't as amazed by this prequel as I was with Love the Way You Lie but I still think it was a nice addition to the series, especially to get to know Clara more.

It's free on Amazon so be sure to grab it and start this series! This was really good. I wanted to read the next one but I can't figure out which one is next - the next one seems to be about different characters. Cba with series featuring prequels to prequels and lots of novellas especially when they're individually priced and not in ku, far too many opportunities to accidentally buy the wrong book. David, thanks for continuing to report on this issue.

I say this as someone who works in a similar area and gets tracked down from time to time. I spoke with a very senior KDP exec in person at a con a few months ago, and we spoke again on the phone subsequently, and have chatted by email too. He said he was taking personal leadership of this issue. Not seeing much impact from that. Like you said, their automatic response program is scaleable, and a few authors caught in the gap do not really matter in the long run to their business model. I guess my major question is this, David: Why is Amazon persistently doing this?

What benefit might it have for the Amazon corporatists at the top of the heap? There must be an unstated purpose to this seeming madness of theirs. After the embarrassment of clickfarmers hitting 1 in the Paid store twice in the summer, Amazon needed a solution. But instead of cracking down on scammers and cheaters, and involving some humans in the problem, it went for a dumb, automated solution that misses the most egregious cheaters and sweeps up lots of innocent authors.

Cases like this probably happen more often than we know. Thank you David for documenting this problem. Like you, I was tracking this for a long while, but recently, I simply gave up. While being in Select definitely increases risk, it also happens to books not in Select now…though admittedly not as often and for very short periods of time.

Second level checking, so a few hours at most, seems to be the limit for paid wide books. Sales velocity triggers it, not venue. I know, it happened to me with a paid wide book and a BookBub, but again, only for a few hours for that second level check. The crucial difference here that is most alarming to me is that it is handled entirely differently for indies versus tradpub. Tradpub is resolved very quickly…very. Indies can have repeated problems and weeks of missing sales. But what can we do?

Their efforts to stop scammers are completely ridiculous and ineffectual. The scammers run roughshod over the charts, while anyone doing a promo in Select is at very high risk. How do we demand change? How do we make them listen? How to we get them to understand we are not widget makers they can slap around with impunity? Yeah my first thought was that this was just the initial fraud check on going free. We waited over 24 hours before going public to be sure.

David, maybe a large-scale union of authors who dabble in digital is in order? I think a few million of us united for mutual benefit would be far more effective in getting Amazon to listen than just a few dozen of us. While I agree that Amazon is more likely to listen to a large org rather than a handful of indies, the simple truth is that building such an organization would take an incredible amount of work, and it could be a case of reinventing the wheel anyway.

Either way, if change is going to happen in any kind of reasonable timeframe, I would suggest that it would have to go via an existing org. I know that RWA has already made representations to Amazon on this issue on behalf of affected members. I know people have had issues with various orgs in the past, and felt they were too timid in terms of advocacy. With RWA at least, I get a sense that is changing. That will probably ripple out to the others too as there is a need there, as you identified. Maybe then we should reach out to RWA, let them know that they need to step up to the plate, and also to engage in a widescale recruitment effort for new indie writers.

I have learned first hand what a large number of people can accomplish if they stand together in large numbers and refuse to be dismissed. Amazon may have the power in terms of money, but power in terms of numbers and loudness can at times effectively offset that advantage. Amazon owns the platform on which we sell, but we do the work, millions of us, and that is a potential advantage right there… as long as we do not give into hopelessness. Reblogged this on Indie Lifer. Had a similar nonsensical and unhelpful response from Amazon a few weeks ago.

I was part of a boxset aiming for USAToday bestseller list. If innocenece is establish, Amazon should apologize to the author, and compensate them if they have suffered any losses from any applied sanctions. Maybe if there was an alternative sales entity for authors to be presented. Competition does wonders for humility.

Amazon Rank Stripping Problems Scammers Kindle Unlimited

Maybe, similar to my union suggestion, we authors need to get together and create our own alternative to Amazon. If millions, or even thousands, of us are using it to successfully sell our books in both digital and POD, then Amazon would be forced to take heed and cease its lack of concern for our concerns. Of course, that would open up the possibility of the same eventual bureaucratic degeneration of the authors who run it as occurred with the top executives of Amazon, so I think we would need to make it a collective effort run and maintained by all the authors who utilize it, rather than leave it under the control of just a few high-ranking executives, whether they are authors or not.

We work hard to turn our gifts into works that others can enjoy. We deserve better than what we get from these pigs. Reblogged this on Ruth Nestvold — Indie Adventures and commented: Another important post for indie authors. Where the notices appear the wording changes, but basically refers to metadata being unavailable even though rank is being tracked is inconsistent, however.

Some of the books that carry the notice also only get rank updates once a day, rather than hourly updates. So the consequences of rank-stripping or being removed from sale can linger for months beyond when rank has been restored. That is worrying. Always seemed to be books that were either yanked from sale or rank-stripped.

Bottom line: Amazon just does not care about authors—especially indie authors. They care more about buyers. I have 2 novels on Amazon and someone used the reviews to take a personal jab at me. I know who it was and I even told Amazon this. Would they do anything? Reblogged this on. I touched upon this problem briefly in my own blog post today. I just hijacked your comment thread by linking to my own blog.

I was actually only meant to email you directly, but it seemed to go to your comments instead. Like all technophobes, they believe computers are superior to people at everything, even when it comes to large scale customer service. A faulty solution that is automated is vastly preferred to a manual solution that works. There may be a certain amount of misplaced faith in the tech here, but I think it ultimately comes down to money.

It seems to me the issue is largely a KDP select one, and the solution is simple, if incredibly difficult to organize; authors should boycott KDP select. The model is broken and only works for two of the three parties involved: the retailer and the consumer. The solution is glaring obvious: drop out of KDP select. I was considering of using their publishing program but of course now I am very worried. Amazon has a few other bad practices now too.

They just take the money from their account card without telling them.. So I guess be wary of Amazon for that as well. This is all very bad news but thank you for making it known to us. Am I wrong? Okay, I call bullshit. And if we left, where else would we go? Smashwords was a great idea that ultimately came to naught. I do think that we authors need to band together en masse and start our own alternative to Amazon, break up the near-monopoly they currently have, and let them know that they have to deal with us as valued producers of content, not peons they can push around or dismiss with near-impunity.

As long as they see us as being essentially at their mercy, I believe we can expect no better from them. I have one suggestion and one question. Clearly, the algo-bots favor slow builds and anything that would indicate a sharp rise for any reason is assumed guilty until proven innocent or enough stink is raised for a human to look at it. Knowing that, plan accordingly if you have upcoming bookbubs.

My question, though, is one for Amazon. Amazon is too big and too powerful. Draft2Digital now distributes to Amazon so you can publish through them and appear there but also have the books scattered elsewhere. There has been some very strange stuff going on at Amazon. MY own titles lost a few reviews a few months back which were reinstated soon after. No warning. Not even a thank you for the years of reviews I wrote. To me it shows that there is some kind of shakeup in Algorithm land with no one at the wheel in process.

Since they are crucial to new authors getting their work out and to all readers, I sure hope things find a balance soon. Is Siri sending replies to emails instead of a real person? I used to do this kind of job. They probably have s of canned responses they can input very quickly with short codes. They are probably incentivized to hit certain targets or penalized if they miss them — encouraging them to go too fast and scan the emails for the first applicable canned response. Ah, ok. I used to be a claims adjuster for a health insurance company.

Definitely a numbers thing and you had to be able to quickly identify the appropriate code and send it on or reject it out. Seems over at Amazon there is no mechanism whereby someone can run one of these cases up the chain, save by chance someone sees what is happening. Maybe a person with a conscience caught this and actually went the extra step and told someone who could actually do something about it. This is just an absolute mess. Reblogged this on Kanundra's Blog and commented: This is so sad. But more and more people are getting scared of trying BookBub because of it, or other really legitimate promotion sites.

Do they perceive the use of Bookbub as problematic for their own business model for some reason? Whenever we say that authors using Bookbub for free promotions were doing nothing wrong, I have to ask myself if Amazon agrees with us on that. But since Bookbub is a legit site, they cannot come right out and tell authors their dislike of its use for free promotions. But I did get the impression that it may be one of the things that can. Is there some conceivable reason why Amazon would have a problem with its book sellers using Bookbub for free promotions?

Then it would seem the problem is mainly what you surmised: a very faulty algorithm system. And unfortunately, one of the ways an author can get unjustly targeted is via the legitimate use of Bookbub. Even more unfortunately, it seems as if this faulty system is something Amazon is willing to live with. If Amazon can make an Amazon version of something, it will.

I am in several author groups and the reference the Bookbub promotion and rank-stripping happens too much to be a coincidence. I would be careful. It does seem that BookBub has become the new gatekeeper. All other sites pale in comparison when you consider ROI. I am exclusive to Amazon simply because I make as much money on page reads as I do with sales.

This is sad for several reasons. Reblogged this on Yvonne Hertzberger. It all starts with calling a lawyer who has sued Amazon successfully in the past. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Stripped by Jasinda Wilder. So how did I get myself into this situation, you ask? Simple: desperation. When you're faced with being homeless and hungry or taking off your clothes for money, the choice is easier than you'd imagine. That doesn't make it easy, though. Oh no. I hate it, in fact.

There's nothing I'd like more than to quit and never go into another bar again, never hear the techno beat pul So how did I get myself into this situation, you ask? There's nothing I'd like more than to quit and never go into another bar again, never hear the techno beat pulsing in my ears again, never feel the lecherous gazes of horny men again.

Then, one day, I meet a man. He's in my club, front and center. He watches me do my routine, and his gaze is full of hunger.

Looking Beyond the Fences

Not the kind of desire I'm used to though. It's something different. Something hotter, deeper, and more possessive. I know who he is; of course I do. Everyone knows who Dawson Kellor is. He's People Magazine's Sexiest Man alive. He's the hottest actor in Hollywood. He's the man hand-picked for the role of Rhett Butler in the long-awaited remake of Gone With the Wind. He's the kind of man who can have any woman in the entire world with a mere crook of his finger. So what's he doing looking at me like he has to have me?

And how do I resist him when he looks at me with those intoxicating, changeable, quicksilver eyes? I'm a virgin, and he's an American icon of male sexuality. I'm a stripper, and he's a man used to getting anything and everything he wants. And he wants me.

I know I should say no, I know he's the worst kind of player…but what my mind knows, my body and my heart may not. And then things get complicated. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 5. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Stripped , please sign up. I love her writing and the concept drew me in but can any of her fans tell e if all her heroines are like this?

I cannot read another book with a heroine this annoying ,the constant crying was killing me but the hero made me endure, anyone? See 1 question about Stripped…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. I expected a lot more from this book reading the blurb. It didn't live up according to me. This book had the capability to draw emotions out of a reader but that didn't happen. It was just like reading.. The story had more potential but unfortunately it didn't live up. The scenes in this novel weren't very Its like you don't know if its actually happening or its all in her head..

Eg:- when they kissed or touched I expected a lot more from this book reading the blurb. Throughout I felt like something was missing.. It also felt very 'Jumped. I mean it was a really nice book with a story with so much potential but for ME it didn't live up. View all 47 comments. I want him to own me. I want him to do whatever he wants.

I want to give in to my own shaking need and trembling desire. I want him to show me what I've never known. Dawson was Delicious. As for the rest of the book? Excessively sheltered, super naive, and constantly crying heroines? I mean for the love of jebus, just get your shit together. Yes things suck, bla bla fucking bla. Oh life is so tough for you, boo fucking hoo! Just enough with the damn crying. Like really delicious. I have something to look forward to now. I still want to sorta kinda maybe strangle Grey. But Dawson is making it more worth my while to keep going.

Between her constant and never ending crying, and running away, and woe-is-me thinking, I do have some fantasies of chocking her. Too much? But Dawson, oh you delicious piece of hunky man meat. You make me keep on reading. Pause for sporadic thought here And what about his movies? They have sex in them. Meaning he has sex, with actresses, on screen for millions of people to see. And yet he'd come home to me and I'd kiss him and touch him and have to know that another woman just did all that, even if it was for a movie and not real emotion?

Even without emotion, it would be real kisses real sex. Seriously Grey? You do realize he's a famous Hollywood actor and not a porn star, right? I'm pretty sure the sex is simulated. It's not SEX sex. Right then Definitely love! Why would you do this?!!!! Grey drove me out of my ever loving mind.

Dawson was the only saving grace for me in this book. The writing was great, and if only the heroine was just a little more tolerable for me, it would have made it a 5 star read for me. I wished we got a little more for Grey and her relationship with her father.

I felt it went from one extreme to another, with no explanation as to how it got to that. I really would have liked to see them deal with their issues more. Dawson was 5 stars of delicious, Grey was 2 stars of I wish she would just shut up. So I'll average it to a 3. That is all for my thoughts. I'm off to read me a smutty book to take my mind off of Grey and her never ending tears.

I thank you. View all 96 comments. And I refuse to share! As the daughter of a pastor, Grey has to fight tooth and nail to get the same privileges most kids take for granted. This includes her passion for dance, something Grey excels at. Small victories After winning a 'yes' out of her fathers mouth, Grey can now attend dance class.

This is a BIG deal too, because the little bit of freedom Grey gets is when she hangs out with her dance team members. Small victories like dance class leads to friends. Friends lead to more freedom. Grey now has a semblance of a teenage life and she is now exposed to parties, alcohol and horny teenage boys. It also provides a glimpse for her to finally see what others think of her. Film becomes her main focus as dance is put on the back burner. She knowingly begins to film a life altering.. This eventually leads her across the country to L. Desperate times call for desperate measures Things are good for a while until her scholarship fund runs low.

After months and months of looking for a job that can cover her half of tuition Grey does something she never thought she would do. She becomes desperate and applies for a job as a stripper. The crazy thing is Grey's innocence plays a huge role in why she gets the job. According to her boss it somehow accentuates her sensuality. Of course the perv has no clue she is an actual virgin. Three of them are stunningly gorgeous. The fourth? Kellan and Rush. If you are not familiar with these two men you need to be. Once he wanted Grey it was a wrap.. Dawson brings out all these intense emotions in Grey.

Simply put, the man is irresistible. He gradually strips away the plaster in the wall that Grey uses as a blockade to keep him away. And once he has her, he does not let go. My Thoughts I very much enjoyed this book! I loved the shout out to the movie Fireproof, with Kirk Cameron. If you have not seen that movie I definitely think you should watch it. I just think the synopsis is leading. I have mixed feelings on the flow.

Readers get a pretty in depth background story on Grey; as the story starts she is in her teens and it progresses. This really helped me understand and empathize more with her character. There are choices she makes as an adult which are a direct result of her upbringing. I also felt like Grey was in her own head too much, she was definitely an over thinker and over thinking results in long inner monologues. On the flip side of that we do get good character interactions, this is mainly due to the fact that the book is a nice length. For all those wondering you do get a HFN ending. However, surprisingly view spoiler [ No epilogue, at least not in the ARC.

Which was a bummer. Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads! For more reviews: www. Visit us on Facebook: www. You know what I'm reading this weekend!!! I have yet to read anything by this author. Can you tell? View all 79 comments. She plugs along until her school informs her that her grant is running out of funds.

If her internship at Fourth Dimension production studios continues to go well she has been promised permanent position, but she needs money to stay in school and graduate. After searching for a job for weeks she succumbs and takes a job as a semi-nude stripper. Her beauty and innocence combined with her background in dance quickly makes her the most popular stripper in the club. One of them is Dawson Kellor. The attraction is instantaneous and electric.

Gracie finds herself dancing just for him. Imagine her chock the next day when she arrives at her internship for the first cast meeting for an upcoming movie, and finds Dawson starring as the lead. And so their whirlwind romance begins…. Very much a fairy tale with a movie star who can have any girl he wants zeroing in on Grey.

He is determined to have her at any cost, while Grey is determined to stay hidden and in school. And both have demons in their pasts plus there is the issue of a stark difference in experience. And I want you all to myself. And for me he is what kept the story going.

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Seven words to describe Dawson: candid, jaded, nurturing, controlling, determined, charismatic and flawed. Clearly Dawson is set on having Grey and though he is very good at expressing himself it never quite made sense to me. I did not feel the plot needed for Grey to be quite so helpless. Swoon-worthy hero! Interesting plot idea! Seductive setting Hollywood! I am glad I got to meet the Dawson Kellor!

Tell me, so I can give it to you. Would I re-read this book: Probably not. Would I read future books by this author: Yes. View all 87 comments. She packed her bags and heads to California to college, to follow her passion.. She's determined to prove to herself that she can follow her dreams. But after while, she is realizing that she must either pay for her school or either go back and leave her dreams.. She tries to find a job And then she meets Dawson Kellar The chemistry between them is intense from the beginning As they end up, they are spending more time together and go deeper Dawson is so adorable!!

Not expecting anything in return from her, he wants to make sure she is safe and happy!! And this is why i love him!!!! The things he does for her So hot!!! My Grey and Dawson View all 66 comments. Jun 22, Christy rated it really liked it. He wants Grey to have nothing to do with anything he deems to be sinful or ungodly Thankfully, Grey has her mother on her side. Dancing is a release to Grey. As she gets older and starts to become her own person, she finds she also has a passion for film.

Things take a dramatic t 4 stars!!!! She has to go to the college she wants to, follow her own dreams no matter what that means for her life and her relationship with her father. Grey is in California going to film school. She keeps to herself mostly, works hard to get good grades. She wants to excel. After a few semesters at school, she finds herself in a bit of a bind. She has to get a job and pay her own way.

She will do whatever she has to do. No one is hiring. No job, no money, no school. Whats a girl to do? Grey Amundsen, 20 year old virgin applying for a job to be a stripper??? Although stripping is the very last thing Grey ever wanted to do, it brings in the money she needs to continue with school and thats all that matters. It makes Grey ill doing it, but she knows it is only temporary. She is almost to graduation, she has a good internship lined up, things are on the right track for her, even if she is playing the role of Gracie at the local strip club.

The night before her internship, Grey is at work. She has a private party. There are only a few guys there. She recognizes the first few as actors, then she sees him. A big name film star, Dawson Kellor. Dawson Kellor. My heart stops, my breath catches. But none of that does him justice. Not even close. Dawson appears to be a rich, spoiled, rich actor, but he sees something in Grey. When he first lays eyes on her, he knows she is different.

There is something about her.

Dangerous Love

The next day, Grey starts her internship and her two worlds collide. Dawson has it bad for Grey. He is enamored with her. Grey has no idea what someone like Dawson Kellor would see in her. She is a plain jane from Georgia who strips for tuition. He could have anyone. On top of all that, she is inexperienced and she knows he is not. Dawson is a man used to getting what he wants, and he wants Grey.

I could snap my fingers and have six girlfriends, one for every day of the week and Sunday off. I want you. All he wants is to help her, he cares about her, wants her. Desires her. Dawson and Grey together Not only do these two have a connection, and a lot of heat between them, there is more than that. Even though they are very different people from different backgrounds, they get each other. I love that feeling. Someone to keep him grounded, someone who actually makes him feel something for the first time in his life.

Dawson was all kinds of cocky, protective, possessive, sexy, sweet and amazing. Loved this guy. He was good for Grey- she was able to be herself with him. Not the person her father wanted her to be, not the good quiet student who worked too hard to enjoy anything in life. Grey drove me a little mad at times, but she grew on me by the end of the book. I especially loved the two of them together. A story about a young girls journey to leave her sheltered past and become her own person. It was that good in between.

If you are expecting the same type of story, the same type of feelings, you will be let down. The writing is still incredible, the story was original, I enjoyed the characters, it was overall a very good read. Yes, you read that right View all 61 comments. Aug 06, Sara rated it did not like it. I just.. I don't know. Stripping, crying, puking, and more annoyances from a crap heroine that I wanted to throttle. I was disappointed in this book.

Not only did the heroine suck, the story was all over the place. Mostly this heroine stuttered, cried and not just tears, full on breakdown on the floor sobbing, a lot puked, stripped, flirted, then un flirted yep that's what i said. She was so full of mixed signals I got eye whiplash. She annoyed me to no end. Dawson was ok. His insta love Um.. His insta love was a bit ridiculous and he was relentless in his pursuit of her. But he was a rich super star and all so he spoiled the crap out of her. That was kinda cute. But there was also a lot of unrealistic stuff that just threw me off the story.

Just wasnt my thing I guess. And Dawson, I get it. Your so hot and rich you could have a different girl every day of the week. Need you actually say that out loud?? I am a fan of Jasinda, just not of this particular book. Moving on View all 15 comments. Jun 22, Smitten's Book Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: alpha-male , if-you-love-fifty-shades , virginal-heroine , stand-alone , amazing-sexual-tension , death , emotional-reads , grief , hea , movie-star-hero.

So, this book came out today. I was sooo excited to read it and I was given my ARC but only just gotten round to reading it. And it did not disappoint. You guys need to go one-click it right now. I absolutely love Jasinda Wilder. I always love her storytelling, her characters. And this was no exception. When I found out she was writing a book about a virginal stripper who meets a playboy movie star, I was stoked.

What a brilliant premise for a contemporary romance. And I knew Jasinda would execut So, this book came out today. And I knew Jasinda would execute it fabulously. Stripped is all about Grey Amundsen, the pastor's daughter from Georgia. She's an untouched virgin and has lived by her Daddy's rules her whole life, until she decides enough is enough. Fleeing to LA to pursue an education and career in the film industry, Grey finds herself struggling to pay her way through college.

And that's when she finds herself taking a job a stripper. And if she thinks her life has taken a turn around already, when Dawson Keller walks into her strip club and requests a dance from her, he flips her world on it's axis. I want to tell you when you're being ridiculous.

I want to make love to you. I want to fuck you. I want to hold you. I want to be yours. The desirable, powerful alpha male who falls for the innocent, unworldly girl. Some readers might think they are overdone, but I can't get enough of them. There's something endlessly swoon-worthy about a strong male lead who whisks his damsel in distress off her feet. And that is exactly what Dawson does. I really enjoyed reading Grey. I wasn't totally in love with her at first. She's prissy, a prude, naive and childlike. But it's easily forgiven, given her up bringing, and as the book progressed, I liked her more and more.

I'm the girl who's off-limits. I'm the pastor's daughter. I loved Dawson. From the very beginning, I was head over heels. This book introduces us to Dawson after his womanising, playboy days. When we meet Dawson, he's turned himself around and he's trying to be a better person. So we don't need to start off hating and grow to love him, we can just fall hard from the get-go.

I'm pretty easy to please, really Because you get me worked up and then I can't get off on my own because if feels wrong, and I need to let it out, so I work out. You turn me on, just breathing. He wades in and saves our poor Grey, in every way possible.

Emotionally, physically, financially He's yummy, he's totally 'alpha', he's rich, he's successful. He's perfect. He brings her breakfast in bed, he massages her feet and he gives her a Range Rover. Men could learn a whole lot from Dawson Keller, right there! I pee and I miss the toilet. I take shits. I eat cheeseburgers. I watch baseball and drink beer. Wooowwww, anyone got a fire extinguisher?! For a book about a virginal pastor's daughter, this book is loaded with scorchingly steamy sex scenes.

Yeh, I loved that, too! It takes a little while for Grey and Dawson to get it together, but once they do, these two are like rabbits. But hey, wouldn't you be if a sexy movie star was trying to woo you into bed? I'm having to remind myself to keep breathing, because you take my breath away. Grey couldn't even think the word 'cock', and she never wore her skirt above the knee I just didn't see it being possible.

But she totally nailed it!