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All our robots run on the same Tritium software framework. Automated Speech Recognition, ASR, converts sound to strings of text, there are many software solutions for this, our current favourite is the Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API , which is a pay by the minute cloud based service — the accuracy and multi language support are very good.

Try having a conversation in a noisy bar with your eyes shut and see how much harder it gets. To our knowledge, there is currently no commercially available ASR solution that uses both images and sound, its called multi modal ASR. ASR does not actually tell us what that string of words means — just what the words are and what order they are in, tone of voice, sarcasm, and context can completely change the meaning of a sentence.

ASR currently gives us no clues about those things.

Computer Vision, CV, encompasses many different tasks like recognising a face or other objects in a picture, again there are many third party solutions, our current favourites are SHORE , developed by Fraunhofer in Germany, it provides the position of faces in a picture and an estimation of age, gender and facial expressions, it does not recognise individuals. SHORE is a pay for licensed option for our robots.

Robot Vs. Art

If you have a particular CV application you want to use, then it can be added to the Tritium framework. As I engaged with Aaron about illustrating for the album, the idea of images, almost like comic panels, being associated with each track emerged. I kept writing more and more detail in the story to help Aaron while he worked on the illustrations and, after a while, there was so much story that it felt wrong to just leave it out of the project.

I've been fascinated by the concept of immersive worlds with stories you have to put together yourself. Of entering a world and having to discover it yourself.

I Tried Using Pancake Art Robot For The First Time!

A few years back I learned about the concept of focalization from a professor at U-M who is working on an ambitious project where he lets the reader of a novel he's writing pick the character, time, and space and they can construct the narrative themselves. That's not exactly what's going on here, but the concept was influential.

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My grandmother was a big postcard collector and, as a kid, I remember enjoying reading the small fragments of a conversation on the back from people generations ago and trying to fill in the rest of the context on my own. Using the song illustrations as postcard images and putting small fragments of the story -- transmission intercepts between characters -- seemed like a natural fit and a great way to share more of the story details as a way that made the reader piece things together themselves, so we went with it.

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  • Artificial intelligence and creativity: If robots can make art, what's left for us?.
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  • Robots vs. Creatives.

A: The song titles, which were chapter titles for the story, came first, then I made the music from there. One of the delightful surprises was how the story, images, and music all influenced each other as they were being created over the last months. Q: How did you go about composing the pieces? Are they edited improvisations?

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A: Usually my process is more improvisational, but for this album, I had to plan ahead more. After I had all the story titles and some of the story I started thinking of sound design and musical motifs that could follow the characters of the story or certain story elements from one song to another. Then I took notes on those ideas for each of the tracks and referred to them while I was working on one.

Over time I would get sketches from Aaron, so, where possible, I'd have those sketches up while working on the track, too.

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I think Aaron sometimes listened to the tracks I was working on while he was working on illustrations, too. Q: What are contributions of Nick Gaydos? Check out the FAQ. You love robots sooo much you just want to fund this project and get nothing in return You will be able to choose any animal you like and I will draw you a custom one of a kind robot to defeat it.

A blurb to describe how much your robot detests chosen animal will also be included Picture dimensions approx 21cm x 21cm. This Bot will then be included in the book provided it does not contain copyright material or inappropriate content. Jan 12, - Feb 11, 30 days. Share this project Done.

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Tweet Share Email. An art book following the clashes between robots and animals. Beast Box. Share this project. Example Pages.