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Is America's newest weapon in the war on terror the Here's the beginning I'll spare you the rest :. It's unclear how "The Leader" found its way past Pakistan's educational authorities. An Education Ministry official claimed it had been downloaded off the Internet and unknowingly included, but skeptics pointed to the large sums of money the U.

Local media outlets accused the government of using the poem to build support for Bush's "war on terror.

Fifty years of “The Phantom Tollbooth.”

Was this the Bush administration's only use of acrostic strategery? Believe it or not, "The Leader" wasn't history's first notable acrostic occurrence. The first letter of each line of the Dutch National Anthem spells out one of the hereditary titles of King William of Orange.

Poema Foible: From the World to the Kingdom

Ask anyone in Amsterdam: it totally makes sense when you're high. Getting back to our leader, he and his administration have inspired countless poems here in the U. S -- some of them surprisingly entertaining.

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Not surprisingly, the vast majority of poetry dedicated to the lowest-rated president in history is negative. Not to be outdone by Homer, Littlebear has also penned 24 chapters of "The Idyossy," all translated "from the original English.

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The Bush poem garnering the most Internet attention, however, is "Make the Pie Higher," a collection of lines Bush actually said that's most often credited to Washington Post satirist and illustrator Richard Thompson. The poem reminds us that no one captures Bush's foibles quite like Bush himself.

In , Slate ran a piece on the found poetry of Donald Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld has such a natural baffling quality to him that editor Hart Seely needed only to quote him directly from a Department of Defense briefing to create the Zen-like poem, "The Unknown":. Isn't it those unknown unknowns that get you? You've got to stay vigilant. This seminal travelogue introduced Europeans to areas of Central Asia and China previously unknown.

Driving Society Forward.

English author Sir Thomas Malory was awaiting trial in the s for rape and possibly theft when he spun this famed yarn of knighthood and chivalry. It recounted and adapted the medieval legends King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, and other Knights and became the first prose account of the Fellowship of the Round Table. French novelist, poet, and playwright Jean Genet spent his early life as a vagabond and petty criminal and wrote his largely autobiographical debut novel, Our Lady of Flowers , in in secret while in prison for theft.

The 19th century Irish playwright and novelist Oscar Wilde penned his moving essay on faith and spirituality, De Profundis , while incarcerated in Reading jail.

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The second half charts his spiritual development while in prison and identification with Jesus Christ. Originally conceived as a five-part volume, the sequels were never written, as Raleigh was executed at the Palace of Westminster in But in the country where I live music must struggle even to exist. Also, that it will encourage and inspire others to read and write more poetry themselves. Indeed, my own children are all keen on writing poetry and there is a selection of their poems on this website - in the articles section.

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