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How to dispose of an old mattress & upcycle the bedsprings/timber and also feed the worm farm!

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Impaled by a sprung mattress

The construction of the frames themselves is fairly simple. Into these frames were placed some window screening, which was intentionally distressed. As this model is intended for handling and not just display, I wanted the frames to be durable. Therefore I did not just glue them onto the surface of the vehicle. I drilled a series of holes one for each frame corner directly into the model, with the idea that each frame would be pinned in place. From this point I painted the vehicle as normal. I will not get into detail on the paint colours or techniques used, as that is not the main topic of this article.

School supplies in one bin, electronics in another, toiletries in another, and so on….

Bed Springs | The Dandelion Brigade

Bring a small toolbox. Fill it with a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, extension cords, and duct tape.

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In case something breaks in your room, or even if you want to re-arrange your room, you have the necessary supplies to fix it. Bring only seasonal clothing if possible. If you plan on going back home for the hoidays, you can switch your shorts and light fall clothing to winter sweaters then.

There is no need to pack everything you own and bring it with you at one time. Dorm rooms are usually limited when it comes to storage space.


Only pack what you think you will wear to classes and a couple of nice casual outfits. Shipping items.

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You do not want your items arriving a week after school begins.