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View all 6 comments. I'm really happy with this. It was not a perfect book for me - neither were the other two - but I had fun. I think the series would've been better if it wasn't written in interviews and files and stuff. I just loved the story but sometimes I couldn't empathize with the characters that much due to the writing style. I'd still recommend this trilogy to everyone who likes stories about aliens. I had a really good time reading these books. Apr 02, Faith rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley , reviewed.

This is the final book of the Themis trilogy and I don't think it would work as a standalone. The giant robots that visited Earth in the last book have returned to their home planet, Esat Ekt.

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Unfortunately, Dr. The Council refused to return their accidental visit This is the final book of the Themis trilogy and I don't think it would work as a standalone. The Council refused to return their accidental visitors to Earth, but after 10 years they are finally back. The book is a combination of flashbacks to their time on Esat Ekt and their lives after their return.

Earth has undergone a lot of political changes during those 10 years. As in the first two books, the story is told entirely in the form of journal or log entries and transcribed interviews. It's not my favorite writing style and I really missed the unnamed interviewer from the first two books.

His replacement is Russian intelligence officer Katherine Lebedev. I thought that her dialogue was very jokey and awkward. I loved the first two books, but I wasn't that crazy about this one. It had none of the charm or imagination of the prior books. I found it to be preachy and there was too much politics on both Earth and Esat Ekt and not enough science or robots.

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Even though I agree with the author's point of view, I don't really want to be preached to in my scifi. There are internment camps on Earth for those people who have the most alien DNA. Muslims are particularly singled out for internment. Really, the author is pretty ham-handed with his social commentary throughout this book. The planet was not thoroughly described but what description there was made it sound too much like Earth.

The Ekt had very similar names and were given no personalities so it was difficult to tell them apart. Eva was an annoying, self centered teenager. Finally, the interviews and log records kept going around in circles rehashing the same arguments over and over again. Although I was disappointed by this conclusion to the trilogy, I wouldn't mind reading more about Themis.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. Jul 13, Holly rated it it was ok Shelves: audiobook , series-has-a-terrible-ending , fantasy-science-fiction , read. This was such a disappointing ending for a series I really liked up until this point!! In the first book we found giant alien robot pieces found around the world and there were lots of questions about where they came from and what was their purpose. In the second book there was more answers and more character development.

In this book - there was, well, I don't know. For me there was a lot of checking to see what the remaining time was left on the audiobook, which is never a good sign. Don't get me This was such a disappointing ending for a series I really liked up until this point!! Don't get me wrong, the audiobook on the merits of it's production and narrators 15 of them! So that was a large positive. But the story itself was just a drag for me. Somehow these characters spent nine years on an alien planet and there was not a single alien characters that "came to life" for the reader.

There was just a bunch of alien political drama which wasn't that interesting. Then we get back to earth and there is more human political drama, which felt a little heavy handed with things that could be not subtle references to current events. The character drama was a bit better but I never felt like Eva was a realistic 19 year old, she was either doing immature crap or she was putting herself in situations no teenager would ever willingly put herself into without help from anyone she knows.

It was all just very unbelievable. The only real highlight to this book? Elizabeth from Russia - her character was awesome and the narrator was perfect. So in summary, this was a no-go for me and it's going on the dreaded "series has a terrible ending" shelf. Neuvel rocked it once again with his series finale to the Themis Files. Rose Franklin, and the General had been whisked off to the aliens' planet of Esat Ekt as the 4 were celebrating their victory while inside Themis.

Once again, the story is told in interviews, personal logs, and transcriptions and this time bounces betwee Ohmygosh Once again, the story is told in interviews, personal logs, and transcriptions and this time bounces between being back on Earth and those years spent on Esat Ekt.

And once again, I was glued to my ereader throughout! I did miss Kara and the nameless interviewer throughout this entire book. Russian Katherine just didn't appeal to me at all. If she was meant to take the nameless interviewer's place, it didn't work for me. I still enjoyed the heck out of everyone else though! Although there wasn't as much action as the first 2 books, I still thought it was an amazing ending to the series. My favorite of the series will always be Waking Gods! Feb 07, Liz Barnsley rated it it was amazing.

What an amazing, entertaining, creative and brilliantly written trilogy. So Only Human completes the tale, here we find some of our friends living on an alien planet until OOPS nope they are home. But what the heck have they arrived back into? The world is in turmoil, we have all gone mad and goodness knows whether or not there is any way back for the human race. Because she was funny and dangerous and brought some new life to our eclectic and highly captivating cast.

In fact this may be one of the best yet for those hilariously ironic and clever little dialogue pieces that just make you smile. In a great reading way. Plus damn fine plotting, damn fine characters and a damn fine finish. A trilogy to die for. Highly Recommended.

Dec 24, Rusty Grey rated it really liked it Shelves: read , sci-fi , favorite-protags , real-life-issues , 4-stars , aliens. A befitting conclusion to this fantastic series. This was a highly philosophical and thought provoking novel. Though its pacing was slower than the previous two installments it was more epic in scale. And more emotional too. The last few pages almost brought me to tears.


Overall this is a great sci-fi series. Recommended to everyone. Only Human is the third book of the Themis Files trilogy, bringing an end to a saga that first began in Sleeping Giants, where as a child, protagonist Rose Franklin quite literally stumbled upon a discovery of a lifetime.

While exploring the woods near her home in Deadwood, South Dakota, she accidentally fell into a square hole in the ground containing what was later identified as the hand of 3.

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While exploring the woods near her home in Deadwood, South Dakota, she accidentally fell into a square hole in the ground containing what was later identified as the hand of a giant metal robot. Fast forward many years, and the world has now become a very different place, with humanity hovering on the brink of war against an unstoppable alien threat. First of all, it has been nine years since the end of the second volume, Waking Gods, which left us with one hell of cliffhanger as the giant robot Themis carrying Rose Franklin, Vincent Couture, his year-old daughter Eva, and General Eugene Govender inside at the time was suddenly and inexplicably transported to another world.

In Only Human, we find out exactly where they went, as well as what exactly happened in the intervening years. Once again, the story is presented as a collection of mostly journal entries, transcribed interviews or recordings, letters and other forms of personal communication, etc. The book begins with the return of Rose, Vincent, Eva, and a fourth mysterious passenger, as Themis suddenly shows up again on Earth following its almost decade-long disappearance.

As you would imagine though, spending nine years anywhere, let alone on an alien planet, would be enough to change anyone. Upon their return, both Rose and Vincent are shocked at what life has become on Earth, and Eva, now nineteen years old and who had spent most of her formative years living among the Ekt, is having a particularly hard time adjusting. Do they still want war with Earth? How do we fight them? It made this somewhat of a dreary read because I spent most of it feeling pissed off at everyone, Ekt and human alike. The universe is apparently full of jerks. I also found myself annoyed with the characters, many of whom came across as sanctimonious, selfish, and careless.

In a world where conditions have devolved so far, pitting countryman against countryman, friend against friend, daughter against father…at one point I asked myself if I would even care how this ended. It was just too depressing. Thankfully, the plot took a turn for the better in the second half. It made me see how things were meant to fit together. I now understand that much of the conflict was meant to set up the events of the last hundred pages or so, in order to have the ending feel that much more satisfying and emotionally impactful.

That said, there were still a few things I wished this final novel did differently. For one, I wanted a lot more about the aliens. The limited information we received about the Ekt was sorely disappointing, considering our protagonists were on their planet and stayed among them for nine whopping years. Also, there were a couple downsides to the epistolary format that I confess still sort of bug me even after three books. There are still plenty of these awkward moments, with the trade-off being realism and immersion. I did have a lot of fun with this book—with all three books, in fact.

A few minor hiccups notwithstanding, I have to say he managed to pull off his debut trilogy marvelously, sparking imaginations and offering action-packed entertainment along the way. The Themis Files is a masterful storytelling experience, one I will not soon forget. Jul 28, Heather rated it liked it. The first two books set such high expectations that this one fell short, sadly. However, a lot of the message was heavy-handed, and it just made me a bit bored.

Only Human

Overall still an enjoyable book and a great series! This needs to come out already. Holy fuck that cover. Jun 19, MeaganCM rated it liked it Shelves: aliens , sci-fi. I am disappointed that this only ended up being 3 stars. The first two were so good! The character development was great.

The only thing I didn't like was the plot. Apr 19, Carole Carole's Random Life in Books rated it it was amazing Shelves: net-galley , science-fiction , netgalley-challenge , reviewed , This was so good! The whole trilogy is really amazing. I actually remember reading the first book in the trilogy, Sleeping Giants, and thinking that it was just okay. Everything changed when I decided to try the audiobook for the story. I was really able to appreciate the story much more with the help of the narrators.

When I picked up the second book, Waking Gods, I was worried that I wouldn't be as impressed by the book in print after my experience with this previous book but I liked that book This was so good! When I picked up the second book, Waking Gods, I was worried that I wouldn't be as impressed by the book in print after my experience with this previous book but I liked that book right from the start. The same can be said for this book. I thought that Waking Gods ended with just a bit of a cliffhanger and I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen to these characters.

This was one of my most anticipated reads for the year and I was not disappointed. This review will contain spoilers for the previous two books in the trilogy. I went into this book expecting it to pick up right where the last book ended and it did to a point. The first part of the book goes back and forth between a time 9 years after the previous book and various points during those 9 years. I had so many questions about what had happened to everyone during those 9 years and I am glad that we got to see some of the more important events.

We do learn more from the characters as they are being interviewed about their lives during those lost years as well. So Vincent, Eva, and Rose have spent a significant amount of time living on an alien planet. You would think that they would have changed a lot during those years. They did experience some changes but the most dramatic changes happened here on Earth. Our planet has not done well during those years.

Things are bad. Countries are power hungry and using the robots to intimidate other nations while their people are being treated poorly. I loved the characters in this book. I really feel like I have got the chance to really know Rose and Vincent during the course of the trilogy. Eva is much older and I liked her character more in this book. Many of the key players from previous books show up in this installment as well. I was always thrilled to get to see these familiar characters play a part in the story even when they were a character that I loved to hate.

There were a couple of new characters that seemed to fit into the story quite flawlessly as well. This story was just as exciting as I had anticipated. How could a book about giant alien robots be anything but exciting? Anyway, this book had all of the action scenes that I had hoped to see.

There were quite a few surprises along the way and I found myself turning pages as fast as I could just to see what would happen next. I was somewhat surprised by how things worked out in this one and it really was a good surprise. I was very satisfied by how everything ended. I would highly recommend this series to others. This is an exciting and highly imaginative trilogy that has been a whole lot of fun.

I do plan to purchase a copy of the audiobook of this one for a re-read in the near future. I can't wait to see what Sylvain Neuvel comes up with next! It's definitely hard to read at points about the far-reaching consequences of racism and humans always needing an 'other' to blame for its own shortcomings but boy, does it ever make us look like damn children in the face of well, everything.

It does. That's not to say that this book is only bleakness personified; it has funny moments and it has heartwarming moments and it shows that decency is not completely lost. My favorite character by far in this series is now Eva. I had't really been attached to any of the characters so far so much as their ability to pilot the hugeass robots, but Eva is the real star of this series for me.

She's fucking precious. Also, that father-daughter relationship took me on a ride haha. It's amazing to read a book where a teenager and the female doctor are the most sensible characters. Also, aliens. The rest of the humans? Not so much. LOL I still can't quite believe this series is over and I would want nothing more than getting to read more books set in this world. These books are everything from being thoroughly messed up with fucked up characters to ofc, the giants robots that occasionally fight each other in epic battles, an alien who's into telling stories and so much more.

Feels like I've barely scratched the surface with that last sentence.

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Drath gloats that Autobot City is still doomed. Indeed, Drath's thugs are nearing the city in the three purloined Autobot forms. Springer and Ultra Magnus fly Springer's robot form to catch up with the other three Autobots en route to Metroplex. Knowing that the Autobots in the city won't realize three Trojan horses are coming until it's too late, Ultra Magnus tells Springer to attack the city himself. Later, after the Autobots have put together the pieces, Perceptor rigs the equipment at Drath's former hideout and transfers Rodimus Prime and the other's minds back to their rightful place.

When asked about their adventure, Rodimus gives extra consideration to Michelle as she's led away along with Drath's other men. Meanwhile, safely away, Old Snake muses to himself how they just don't make terrorists like they used to. He also tries to yell out the rallying cry of his former organization but breaks down into coughing, so it's absolutely impossible to tell what group he used to run.

Victor Drath: Does that technology still exist, Snake? Is it for sale? Everything is for sale.

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I already need a shave. Springer : Need a hand? I, uh Goon 1 : Uh Goon 2 : But dere's only room for two in here! Yer right! Smells better than it tastes.