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Namespaces Entry Discussion. Views Read Edit History. This page was last edited on 23 June , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Logan had his swoon worthy moments, especially when he saves Grace's reputation after some slanderous comments are made about her on the internet. AND his tenacity to win her affections back had my heart fluttering at times. His family dynamic was pretty messed up and his reasons for turning down the chance to make it to Pro Hockey was not really believable to me.

But there were some very memorable funny moments and once Logan got his head out of his ass, I was rooting for this couple to resolve their issues and get their HEA. Overall, this series is pretty fabulous and is one that is not to be missed!! If you haven't already, go out and get these books!

You won't regret it!! View all 77 comments. Apr 15, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary , romance , so-happy-i-read-this , audiobook , ebooks-i-own , oh-my-panties , sport-hottie , until-the-end-of-the-world , book-boyfriends. Drawing on my own experience, that kind of thing.

I should have. Kennedy has this thing going on that she can make me laugh, swoon and get all hot in the same paragraph. And that's amazing! I had such a great time reading this story and I can truly say I did not hate any of the main characters at all and boy, I did love Grace! You all know I always find something I don't like in a female character but I honestly adored Grace. There's nothing I would change about her. And you gotta love the girl. I mean, she's tough and real and funny, sweet, caring and she's sassy and smart and she brings the good out of people.

I enjoyed reading her the whole book. Her decisions were good no matter what simply because she did things from her heart. And I believe the way she was raised made her that awesome. I liked her parents' relationship and their divorce and I loved the way her brain worked and I also loved her position about her sexuality and how free she was and I wish there were more female characters that in tune with their bodies. I like and respect a girl who doesn't play games and who is true to hearself no matter what.

That's Grace. Gosh, I loved her. Aaaand then we have John Logan. How could I describe John Logan? I absolutely loved this man! Reading him was such a pleasure. He was loyal and funny and romantic and sexy and such a jackass. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time I was reading the book. There was something I really fucking loved and it was that he realized what was going on with him and Hannah early in the book. And I loved that Hannah was the one who made him see the truth and I appreciated that because I didn't want to read a whole book where he was feeling guilty about his feelings and yet trying to make a relationship with Grace work.

Anyhow, I liked how he didn't run away from his feelings and how he fought. Because boy, Logan fought for Grace through the whole book in one way or another. His situation with his father was pretty hard and I got mad when his brother made clear Logan couldn't go pro and I found it so selfish even though I could see what Jeff sacrificed in order to help his their father and run the business. Their situation wasn't easy.

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I'm so relieved their dad went to rehab. They worked together so great. They're just so perfect for each other and they were so cute and sexy and sassy! I just can't put in words how wonderful they're together. You have to read it. They're just oh so cute. You know what I didn't like? I didn't like her since the begining because I just did not like the way Grace felt around her. Friends are supposed to make you feel good and loved and understood but Ramona wasn't doing that.

And kudos for not slut-shaming. I hate that, I really, really do and those mean bitches were just mean bitter bitches and nothing more. Thank you, Kennedy. Also, I don't know why I suddenly got the idea of Dean's being gay. Maybe it was the whole freshman recruit thing but I can't say I hate the idea. It wouldn't be bad but yeah, just my opinion. So, overall it was fucking great book and I'm seriously thinking about re-read The Deal and then re-read this one! View all 15 comments. And lazy. I really enjoyed this So far I have been very happy with Kennedy's female leads.

Moby 'Mistake' (Animated Version)

They are level headed young women. And, most importantly, they manage to avoid causing me to harbor homicidal tendencies toward them - a seemingly tremendous feat these days it seems. However, I felt that this one was a little slo 4 Stars This will be short because iPhone. However, I felt that this one was a little slow to get going Otherwise, another Kennedy winner. I'll be curious to see what happens with the walking STD that is Dean in book three.

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He's perhaps a little too skanky for my NA tastes lol. View all 45 comments. Jan 19, Pearl Angeli rated it really liked it Shelves: reads , sports-romance , hot-male-characters , cute-book-couple , favorites , highly-recommended-na , new-adult-contemporary , i-laughed-hard , smexy-read , bad-boys. John Logan feels! I've buddyread this book with my pretty sis Bea who by the way, just celebrated her birthday yesterday. Belated happy birthday, sis! This time around, the story focuses on John Logan , star defenseman of Briar's hockey team, and Grace Ivers , a freshman girl who's been infatuated with him ever since she attended college at Briar.

After Logan mistakenly went to the wrong room John Logan feels! After Logan mistakenly went to the wrong room which was Grace's, the sexual tension slowly built up between them. Being a popular and desirable hottie, Logan didn't plan to seriously fall for Grace since he's got tons of personal issues. Grace on the other hand, was extremely attracted to him so when Logan practically dumped her, she promised to never again engage herself with him.

Too late because Logan finally realized his 'mistake' and is now chasing after her. Although I like the first book much better, this book is still a very fun and enjoyable read. And wow, I really loved it! It's because the story is just written so good! The main characters are also the cutest thing ever!

Logan and Grace made me fall in love with their romantic interactions and steamy encounters. The chemistry was undeniable and the relationship development amazed me. There was also no insta-love and no cheating involved , and the spark was already visible the moment they collided.

Mistake (Stephanie McIntosh song)

Not only did this book offer swoon-worthy moments and sexy times, but there was also family drama that made me tear up at some point. Plus, there were lots of funny moments that made me cracked up so many times I lost count! Highlight of the year: The red velvet couch. Lol I especially love the "wooing" moments here. Isn't it so great when a guy extends so much effort just to ask for the girl's forgiveness and to prove that he's worth a second chance? Talk about the feels! Elle Kennedy quickly becomes one of my favorite New Adult authors.

It's hard not to fangirl with her because her writing style is especially the best! There's emotional depth in her stories and the humor totally makes them an overall entertaining read. Plus, she really knows how to draw brilliant characters. What more can a reader ask? View all 46 comments. I blatantly stated my admiration of how she took a genre, New Adult, and made it work for someone who usually doesn't gravitate to it.

I went on to talk about how she used all of her talent to make her characters not whine or manipulate to get what they wanted and just "manned up" time and time again. I was so happy about this book I begged all of my friends and anyone who would listen to read it. And they did In this next installment, The Mistake, we continue with the characters we met in the previous book plus our new love interest for Logan. Logan, Garrett's best friend has been dealing with a huge problem He seems to be crushing big time on Hannah Garrett's woman. He is having a real hard time dealing with all of it But they are not really working and now his other buddies are getting weird about his crankiness and anti social behavior.

He realizes he just has to suck it up and stop behaving like an ass We meet Grace The only way she has colored outside her lines is with the encouragement of Romona, her childhood friend. They were both kinda opposite in ways But this friendship sort of worked Once again, Grace is being pushed by Romona.

There is a party happening and the target is Dean, star Hockey player She insists on having Grace come Logan is there too Grace cannot believe how amazing he looks in person and just files the meeting away in the back of her mind. Logan is realizing he is lost and one last escape from the house with Garrett and Hannah all lovey-dovey proves it.

He high tails it to a gathering he was told about but cannot remember the number of the room She opens the door, stunned seeing him there.

"mistake" in American English

He asks about the gathering, confirms he must be in the wrong place and explains he has no phone to see where. Grace, when nervous blathers This is so damn cute Logan just kind of watches With ever relationship or meeting It doesn't have to be earth shattering Things happen Logan and Grace both kinda freak out Logan doesn't know what to do with this doubt After they figure out their issues He is awash in misery He has lived for a large part of his young adult life with a missing dad His other brother Jeff has run the auto shop and handled the dad so Logan could go to college and play hockey.

Promises were made Grace is fighting new experiences too They have caused her distress and she is thinking maybe this roommate thing with her childhood friend is not the best. Logan fumbles It only takes a moment and conversation with a good friend to figure out he effed up big time. Grace is important to him and he wants to fix it This is a simple yet complicated love story that just works I would suspect those who went to college and had the coming of age experience there Because during those years The pressure of new people and the baggage they bring Understanding your bodies and all of the urges which can cloud your judgement without the buffers or safety net of restrictions by the parental figures in your lives These are things which can just be the tip of the iceberg in maturing The other thing I loved was the sex is not porn perfect And the moments when Logan figures it all out In fact, Logan is The Man He makes mistakes and works to rectify them.

He is loyal to a fault with his family; his heart will make you wish he was part of your family. His love for Grace and willingness to go the extra mile for her He will be your stealth book boyfriend. Grace is wonderful, too. She is not a weeping willow- she has an inner core of what she thinks is right and sticks to it.

She is fortunate to have parents who each in their way gave her the foundation to be who she is and have their support. She makes some tough decisions, sticks to them and in the end She grows on you Elle Kennedy has taken a time where people develop into who they will become. She has stripped it down to the basics and made it relatable. I was able to put myself into these people's lives and be there with them every step of the way through their POV's. The drama and issues are things which many may have experienced in their own lives This is not an earth shattering story I am looking forward to the next fella and his story Maybe Dean I am so excited I cannot wait to start Damn Real Life getting in the way Hang in there Logan I will be there to hold your hand soon For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways.

View all 84 comments. It has been a long time since I read 'The Deal' and I was worried that I would have forgotten important details. Fortunately, that didn't happen. Although it is part of a series, 'The Mistake' can be read as a standalone. This time around, the focus is on John Logan, aka Logan, and Grace. Like the couple that started this series, the two seem to be an unlikely pairing. He's a popular, star hockey player on campus, well-known for sleeping his way through the female student population.

She's a shy It has been a long time since I read 'The Deal' and I was worried that I would have forgotten important details. She's a shy virgin, prone to fits of incoherent rambling when nervous. The two meet by chance one night and become fast friends. Logan is looking for a distraction to take his mind off of his best friend's girlfriend that he's been secretly pining over. Before he knows it, his feelings for Grace have completely superseded whatever misplaced feelings he attached to his best friend's girlfriend.

However, by the time he realizes how he feels, it may be too late. It is only after he's royally screwed things up with Grace that he comes to terms with his feelings for her. She won't return his calls or have anything to do with him. As expected, the two eventually work everything out. Thankfully, Grace doesn't let him off the hook easily and makes him work for her forgiveness. I hate it when heroines forgive major infractions with a cursory apology, so I was glad that didn't happen here. Although this story was predictable, it was still highly enjoyable.

The characters were great. The dialogue was hilarious at times and touching at others. It was an all-around fantastic read! View all 24 comments. Jul 01, Bgurl don't h8 me cuz I'm honestful rated it really liked it Shelves: pov-duel , hero-sir-pines-alot , hot-and-sexy , hero-possessive-jealous , dialogue-witty , side-characters-awesome , backstabbers , hero-loyal , hero-daddy-issues , hockey-star. Coveted by several pro teams; destined to play for none.

Obligated to care for his alcoholic father after graduation. Then he meets Grace Ivers. Grace Ivers: Undeclared, socially awkward, freshman. Prone to incoherent babbling; obsessed with Ted Bundy. Fails to make new friends. Still has her V-card. Then she meets John Logan. Logan makes aimless passes at Grace ; some connect, but none score. An opening presents itself when Grace offers up her V-card, but he misses the shot. And Grace is gone. Someone exactly like Grace. I screwed up.

Seconds into the 2nd Period, Logan neutralizes his rival. He scores a hat trick by finishing the list in record time, following it up with sweetness and snuggles, and slapping in an orgasmic deflowering at the end of the second period. As John Logan chalks up another victory for team Off Campus.

In the end, I liked the second Off Campus book just as much as the first. Logan is all kinds of swoony - not to mention the King of Groveling — and the overly chatty, neat freak Grace reminds me a bit of myself. Apr 28, Jennifer Kyle rated it really liked it. Less than a week ago I was bemoaning the lack of excitement in my life, and now look at me — sexy hockey players showing up at my door to excite the hell out of me. Fuck it. Logan has been doing the man-whore partying routine until he meets freshman Grace Ivers by chance.

Apr 20, Sleepless Readmore rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in , 5-star-books , all-stars. How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are? What are you doing?


Well, you were looking at me like you wanted me to kiss you. I could listen to them for days. Even readin How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are? You know that Yeti-beard doesn't make you look more manly, right? I was going for rugged, actually. Well, it's not that, either, Babyface. You look like a mad scientist. What if I lost her for good this time? You didn't, Garrett assures me. How can you be so sure of that?

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Because she told you she loves you. You stupid jackass, Tucker adds with a grin. You're gonna have to fix this one all on your own. There's a pause, and then You stupid jackass , my friends say in unison. I don't even know where to begin. What an incredible addition to this ever so wonderful series. The plot was brilliant and kept me captivated through out.

I love it when you talk homonyms to me. We're the Lorris crime syndicate. I'm dumbfounded. Oh my God. One thing I know without a doubt? It was not a mistake picking up this novel. You're the fear, I don't care Cause I've never been so high.. Save all that stuff for later, when you're in a relationship with the guy and it's harder for him to run away.

The Mistake Elle Kennedy View all 20 comments. Well done Elle Kennedy, well done! I wasn't expecting to like this one as much as The Deal but I did, dammit. Even more than the first! Logan was Grace was Yep, still shocked! I love the banter between the guys Garrett, Logan, Dean, Tucker! I can't wait for the rest of the books in the series!

The Deal would have been perfect without that little thing in the end The thing wasn't really in this one! I don't like the thing.

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Anot 4. Another Elle Kennedy winner people! Mar 15, Kim Bailey rated it it was amazing Shelves: 6-star-best-of-the-best , boys-i-love , buddy-read , college-romance , schmexxxy , girl-crushin , best-reads , covergasm , laughing-out-loud. College days. Media Reliable Sources.

The Mistake

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